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A more efficient manufacturing with a more demanding raw material market is a challenge for every producer. At AUXITECH FEED ADDITIVES we understand the importance and complexity of this task. That is why we specialize in developing technologies to improve efficiency in the production of animal feed.

We are a new company that is characterized by providing a personalized service to our customers.

Our products allow you to improve the efficiency of your processes and biosafety.
In addition, we comply with the strictest quality parameters, we have several certifications that prove it.

We have clients around the world.
we are Efficiency through Science.


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The products we market focus on feed rather than the animal. Auxiliary Technological Additives help to achieve a higher efficiency in the pellet process, improve the feed final quality and improve biosecurity, thus obtaining savings over global feed cost.


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We are leaders in the market of Auxiliary Technological Additives for animal feed.


Improves pellet quality

Improves the pellet bactericidal quality

Improves the pellet fungal quality


Improves the pellet

mycotoxicological quality

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Yes, it is possible to achieve a better meal conditioning before pelleting, which undoubtedly leads to a better feed digestibility. It also increases the pellet elasticity (higher PDI) which leads to lower fines and therefore to an improvement of feed conversion rate.

Increasing the moisture content of feed products with free-form water (without any additive) increases the risk of microbiological/fungal growth, with serious damage to the animal and the final consumer. In addition, at medium term, the moisture does not remain over time. By using the right additives, the disadvantages are minimised.

The vast majority of companies on animal feed pellet are using rehydrating agent to control their shrinkage. This is a mere technical decision that is becoming more and more common. It is even being extended to mash animal feed, so nowadays we can say that more than 50% of the large European feed companies are using it.

Apart raw materials and additives building the feed itself, the main operating costs in an efficiently operating feed mill are related to energy, labour and supplies.

The cost of installation depends on each feed mill. Certainly is an investment that will pay for itself over time, but to get a clearer idea of the return on this investment on your feed mill, please contact us. Our advisors will guide you in the best way to fulfil your needs.

The quality of the installation is very important. When working with liquid additives of these characteristics (low dosage, corrosive ….)  is very important to maintain the accuracy of measurements. A good installation quality will give more accurate results, which will bring higher profits to the company.

Maintenance is easy, but it must be proper and constant. Accuracy in application and dosing is important. It must be monitored to avoid drips, leaks, etc., which can be an economically damage or even physically. AUXITECH FEED ADDITIVES has a qualified technical service to carry out the whole process, from the installation to the after-sales preventive maintenance service. Contact us for more detailed information.

The level of shrinkage can vary from mill to mill. Factors such as weather, machinery maintenance, etc…  can have an effect. It is common for most mills to have a shrinkage level between 1 and 1.5%. Undoubtedly, the desired level of losses is 0%, but as it is very difficult to achieve this value, an efficient mill works with losses less than 0.5%.

Shrinkage occurs mainly during the milling and cooling process, without ruling out other processes such as storage and transport. This shrinkage can be eliminated/controlled by using the proper rehydration technology.

With on-line control we achieve greater accuracy in terms of moisture recovery on the feed. You have actual data according to the target level you want to achieve. Ask our technical team for more details on the advantages of having on-line moisture addition control.

The cost of installation and application of rehydration typically has a return on investment of 300%.

AUXITECH FEED ADDITIVES takes care of everything to provide you with the most effective solution.

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