How to recover post-pellet moisture?

Feed moisture control technology (loss recovery) is especially relevant in the current context of high energy costs and the increase in the cost of raw materials. The use of a synthetic surfactant that ensures maximum post-pellet moisture recovery is basic.

AUXITECH FEED ADDITIVES is a company specialized in the marketing and correct application of technological additives in the feed and raw materials industry. This technology in its basic design for moisture correction in feed and raw materials has been used for decades in the manufacture of feed, particularly in pellet feed and in hot climates. Over these decades, the process has been modernized to make it more precise and effective, mainly incorporating technology such as on-line humidity control, temperature and humidity monitoring at various points in the manufacture of pellet feed and the reduction/control of the coefficient of final variation in finished feed of the main nutritional parameters.

However, in recent months this final moisture control technology in feed (loss recovery) has become a fundamental tool for optimizing the feed pelleting process and the reason is none other than the current geopolitical context caused by China and its coronavirus control policy together with the war in Ukraine, creating the perfect storm of high costs in energy, raw materials and additives.

Although in 2020 it was already very strange to find a feed factory that did not have a final moisture control system in feed (at least at the Spanish level), to date the aforementioned increase in costs that feed has suffered has made all factories (at least those that produce pellet feed) must have this technology. Moreover, the factories that already had the technology but had a conservative vision in its application, have had to review this vision and become more daring. The reason is simple: the return on investment in 2020 was approximately 250%, having evolved in a few months to 350%.

However, boldness in moisture recovery technology must have a basic premise: having a good additive to recover moisture and, no less important, good technology in the hands of a professional company in its application and monitoring.

Main points to ensure the success of final moisture control in feed.
• The additive used in the humidity control must guarantee a true humidity recovery, otherwise we run the risk of wasting time and money with few results.
• The additives used to control the growth of fungi and mycotoxins must be fully functional in this area and ensure a fungus-free feed with a comfortable safety margin in terms of storage time and percentage of added moisture.
• An application system fully coordinated in a simple and efficient “user friendly” way with the factory control software. In this way, it must be ensured that the mixture of water and the additives of the rehydration product (AUXIMOIST FEED) create an ideal rehydration solution. Likewise, the application of said rehydrating solution in the mixer must be done professionally, ensuring homogeneity of the mixture and precise application at the appropriate point and moment of the feed mixing cycle.
• The pre and post application humidity control of the rehydrating solution must be exhaustive and precise to ensure optimal performance in the manufacture and cooling of the pellet. This is the only way to ensure the maximum return on investment.
• The overall monitoring of all the parameters involved in the manufacture of feed and its pelleting must be subjected to rigorous control to ensure maximum homogeneity. Naturally, this control must be automated and, as far as possible, it must be able to take corrective measures autonomously and safely.

AUXITECH FEED ADDITIVES – Feed Control Global Approach ™ is a company with extensive implementation in Spain and some countries in Latin America and the Mediterranean area. Its motivation from the beginning has been the purpose of giving a professionalized approach to technological auxiliary additives, moving away from being one more element in the portfolio of large companies that sell additives in general. This approach has proven to be in high demand by feed mills, particularly in the case of pelleted feed and in hot climates. AUXITECH FEED ADDITIVES has recently created the concept
Feed Control Global Approach as the culmination of this professionalized approach in the control of final humidity in feed throughout the entire manufacturing process, as well as the homogeneity and monitoring of the various values obtained in final feed (loss control).

The current challenge facing feed manufacturers created by the

Geopolitics and the pandemic have made AUXITECH FEED ADDITIVES and Feed Control Global Approach ™ appear at an ideal time. In this way, feed factories can minimize their losses due to process inefficiency and therefore can increase their manufacturing margin without any prior investment.

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